When Did That Happen?

Those of us in our 50’s to 70’s often look in the mirror and wonder when and how the vision of ourselves in our 20’s (a look we presumed would last forever) turned into our current selves.

The next thought we have is how can we get that youthful look back.

As our faces age, we lose volume of both fat and bone; and we lose collagen and elastin. This results in flattened cheeks, sagging jawline, lines around the nose and mouth. Hollows under the eyes, “memory: lines, etc. etc. So, what’s a girl (or guy), to do?

The first order of business is almost always to restore volume in the cheek area. Not crazy overdone “apple checks” like some celebrities do, but a very natural restoration of check volume to help elevate the midface. Other facial areas and problems can be fine-tuned from there.

This volume restoration is accomplished by your doctor with the use of “fillers”. A variety of types of fillers are available and your doctor can help you pick the type and quantity you need for your particular situation.

Fillers can be used in conjunction with other esthetic products (e.g. Botox, NovaThreads, Kybella) and procedures (e.g. laser treatments, chemical peels, etc.) to enhance your overall appearance.

They can last up to two years.

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