Your Medicos offers Personalized Integrative Medicine to help you take charge of your health and wellbeing

Personalized Integrative Medicine combines the use of modern medicine with complementary therapies, and encompasses multidisciplinary initiatives in education, clinical care, research, and community engagement to create a unique and custom approach to healthcare. The Personalized Integrative Medical program at Your Medicos offers a variety of approaches, including nutrition counseling, biofeedback/neurofeedback, homeopathy/herbal medicine and medical acupuncture. The foundation of the program is the four pillars of wellness; nutrition, physical fitness, stress reduction and sleep. All patients will receive the highest level of care, including preventive and lifestyle medicine, for treatment of new and existing health conditions.

Personalized Integrative medicine differs from alternative medicine in that the approach to healing utilizes natural and conventional therapies, or complementary medicine.

Personalized Integrative Medical care best address our patient’s unique conditions, needs and circumstances. Effective interventions that are natural and less invasive are used whenever possible. We takes a whole-person approach to put patients back in charge of their health and to feel more informed about their care.

Did you know?

Many of today’s most challenging, costly and debilitating conditions including a variety of age-related diseases, are now recognized as being closely tied to the mismatch between diet and lifestyle habits. Heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, many cancers, digestive disorders, and atopic diseases are all linked to unbalanced nutritional status.

The goal at Your Medicos is to provide our patients with a choice to live a strong and energetic lifestyle through the implementation of our unique approaches to nutritional and metabolic medicine. In essence, we strive to help you reset to “factory standards.” The result of our fact-based approaches to wellness will be to reduce your risk of catastrophic illness and increase your energy levels, vitality and emotional well being.

Your Care Provider

The Personalized Integrative Medicine Program is under the direction of Your Medicos lead physician Dr. Thomas Heggen, MD, and lead by Carla Heiser MS RD LD FAARFM ABAAHP.

Carla Heiser specializes in women’s and men’s health from a nutrient and metabolism perspective. Blending advanced nutrition with medical approaches to optimize health outcomes is hallmark of her clinical practice approaches. She loves to cook and to make healthy food taste delicious. Teaching is a passion as she continually aspires to translate forward thinking and research approaches into practical, ‘can do’ strategies. Ms. Heiser is a frequent invited-speaker at national meetings and has published research in the areas of and chronic disease.

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